Thursday, June 26, 2008


Beads is something that brings out the beauty in your dressing, here in my slide we are going to see different types of beads like,Chinese Crystal Beads,
Natural Sponge Coral Beads,Sea shell beads.

What is is all bout looking good and is also a universal human striving; a striving for an experience of
divinity; a striving for what is ennobling, what is dignified, and
what is high. It can be found in women, it can be found in men. It can
be found in art, in literature, in architecture, in nature. It can be
found in all things that strive to be the best thing they can be - and
to make the world the best place it can become. The best makeup is a cheerful smile and a friendly disposition.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ruth beauty

My name is Ruth Okafor am a student, am still undergraduate but for now I make beads and hair, I make beads for any type of occasion like, wedding, birthday e.t.c.